Im very short (5`4) and im looking to buy an acoustic the problem is alot of them ive played are large and uncomfortable for me. Im just looking for something to mess around on really doesnt need to be the best but ide like it to be decent are there any childrens guitars or womens or something that would be ok ? Ide like to pick something up tonight online if I find something please let me know on here asap
check out parlour style guitars, really small body, ideal for fingerpickers. if your looking online, id reccommend you look into freshman, i played a beautiful parlor the other day, was amazing, haha, really sweet sounnd if you get a ceder top/ mahogany sides and back too.
hope that helped
Alright thanks man anyone else have any other input? Some 3/4 size guitars maybe?
I'd go try a parlour guitar before you go and buy one. They have a much different sound than your traditional acoustic.

I'd look at an NEX/Grand Auditorium/Mini Jumbo size. They're smaller and sound nice.
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Try a Washburn Rover. I picked up one not long ago. Far too "jangly" for me, but the travel size was a necessity for me.

Solid top. Good volume. Exceptional case. Interesting instructional dvd. Extra saddles and shims. Allen wrench. Picks. Strap. All for $150.

And it fits in airline carry on bins
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i don't care for parlors myself. try a grand concert or grand auditorium. you'd think from the word "grand" that they'd be large, but they're actually smaller than dreads.

if you're looking for something that isn't great but doesn't totally suck and is nice and small, the rogue grand concert is not only smaller, but also thin with a slender neck. it's extremely comfortable to hold, and i'm 5' 3". and at $79.99, it comes with a cutaway, electronics (that sound very good considering the price) and a nice padded gig bag.