I want a new amp, and my budget is around $600. I play mostly stuff like The Black Keys, The Who, and Weezer. Any help is appreciated, please just ask if you have any questions.
what guitar do you have? gigging or not?

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what guitar do you have? gigging or not?

A Jay Turser Start Copy, Epiphone Les Paul Standard, and Fender Mexican Telecaster.
Traynor YCS 50. Marshall-voiced amps, and to my knowledge, both The Black Keys and The Who use Marshally amps.
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epi blues custom.
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Carvin X100B or the combo version. the Traynor is also a greAT option.
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Third the Traynor YCS50. I just found a new love for mine. Very versatile amp.
Alot of fender tube amps in that range, even more if you go used. The traynor is also a good option.
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