i like the TSLs, because of their 3 channel configuration. youd probably find that useful too.

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the DSL's are considered better by many.
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From what I've heard the DSL.
But people also say that you can do better in that price range.
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yea but far to many to choose from in that price range and marshall dsl and tsl seem to be the better marshall amps plus i always make the bad choices come on i have a spider 3 150 that is the worst buy ever lol
I've played on both and I like the DSL more, the TSL has more features, but the tone in all the channels no matter how you EQ it is lacking, it just doesn't have the punch of the DSL.
I like the DSL quite a bit more. Something has always seemed off about the TSL voicing to me
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for the 50/60 watts I prefer the dsl. Just seems like it has a more focused tone to me. For the 100 watts its all about the tsl for me, just works better for me
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