Hey guys,

I've been playing for quite some time now, but developed some bad picking habits along the way. I used to use a lot of arm motion and elbow to pick at fast speeds which I know isn't a good thing! Just a lot of sloppy playing and missed notes...ugly.

After watching a lot of Paul Gilbert videos and lessons I realize that you need to be comfortable and relaxed and pick from the wrist to really have a good control of your sound.

So I have been working to relearn my technique to become more accurate and also I don't want to hurt myself in the long run.

I've been having some problems getting past about 140 bpm (16ths). I've basically been doing the Paul Gilbert lick which is:


It seems like at around 140 or higher my wrist won't move any faster and switching strings in the lick is just not as smooth.

One thing I've read a lot about is tension. How loose should I be? It seems like in order to get my wrist to move faster I need to add tension which is probably wrong.

I've been trying different motions like flexing my thumb joint and rotating the wrist (which isn't really working). What is the motion like...is it side to side or what

After that barrier its like I start to dig in to the strings more in an effort to make a faster motion...and it's not coming together!

So I'd appreciate any help or ideas...this site seems to have some knowledgeable musicians on board
You should be as loose as you can, ideally being able to alternate pick for minuites on end without tension.
Star slow and keep the motion slow the same as you would fast. Hold the pick really angled and keep going down ,up ,down ,up repeatidly ,even when you change string dont change the pattern