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Oh wow this is a guitar forum!
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Karvid is sexy

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Why is it that some folks quote praise from other members in their sig lines?
Its lame.

Edit: Actually get a proxy, this way your I.P. is actually hidden to another i.P.. Or there are certain routers that when you unplug them for 5-10 seconds then turn back on and you reload your interent, then you should get a new i.p. I do.
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Not allowed to whip out my dick in the middle of class. Ludicrous.

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Is that even Possible?!?!?

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can i go blind by eating purple
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Let's play Spot The Multi.

Populus vult decipi. Decipiatur.

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It's can be a contraction and genitive case.

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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...