So pit, i'm in my last year at school and im looking at different courses for college
i have a few possible ideas but i need some help

How many A levels are the different level BTECs equivalent to? because ive seen BTEC level 1,2 and 3

and how many UCAS points are both A levels and different level BTEC's

what is the average amount of UCAS points needed to go to uni?


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Can't you google this stuff? And if you go onto a uni website they'll tell you what you'd need to get onto the course you'd want to get onto. It really depends on the course you want to do and which university you want to go to. It's really too broad for anyone to answer your questions, you'll have to do the research yourself, but it's not that hard to find out, you should try and find out stuff from the school you're at now, and also if you do to college and sixth form open days you'll be able to find out information there.
Sorry I couldn't really help but i saw it unanswered so thought i should try and help as much as i could ha.

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