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Axl/Johnson Badwater Stratocaster - $125

Essentially a brand new guitar made to look like an antique. Only a few hours of play on it. Just selling it because I have too many guitars and just want to thin out the collection. Of note is that the pickups are actually EMG's.

Check out some of the reviews on the guitar: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/AXL/Badwater/10/1


With a distressed body and antiqued hardware, Badwater Series guitars look and feel of ancient artifacts. These shocking guitars are equipped with EMG-designed pickups for hard rocking tones and clean delivery. Even the headstock and backplate have vintage distressing. No area was spared from the destruction. Badwater guitars have a one-of-a-kind style and excellent playability.

The crackle brown/white finish has a reptilian texture throughout its body. The off-white finish has a rusted, phantom-like appearance. The brown finish model has the look of a museum-quality guitar stored away for decades. The crackle blue finish looks like it was pulled deep from the ocean floor. The crackle black finish evokes the texture of a guitar blackened and burned by lightning.

The Badwater Series has received Guitar World's December 2007 Gold Award for Overall Value.

* Distressed Body & Headstock
* Antiqued Hardware
* EMG-Designed Pickups
* Solid Alder Body w/ Original Design