Pickup only for the Richmond, Virginia area. Not looking for any trades.

Studiomaster Showmix 16x2 Board w/anvil case - $250

Studiomaster Showmix 16x2 mixing board with anvil case. Board works perfectly. The only issue is that the left mix led only partially works. It's a two segment led and the bottom segment doesn't work. Never been an issue though since the mix level should be in the upper segment anyways. Don't don't if that full explains the issue but you're welcome to get in touch with me and I can explain it better. The case also has one latch the doesn't fully lock properly. It works but it keeps rotating so sometimes it can come loose.

Board features phantom power and a wealth of additional features. I have the manual in pdf format so if you buy it, I can email you the manual as Studiomaster charges for their manuals.

See the listing on Craigslist here: http://richmond.craigslist.org/msg/1336737020.html