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Peavey Classic 30/112 Tweed Tube Combo
3 43%
Marshall Haze40 Tube Combo
1 14%
3 43%
Voters: 7.

I have narrowed my amp choices down to two. Realizing I won't need a half stack I'm going between a Peavey Classic 30/112 tweed, or a Marshall Haze40 tube combo amps. So I ask which one should I get and why, or if neither how about a suggestion for a tube combo at around the same price.

I play on a Gibson Les Paul 2008 Standard, Tradition G12 Standard (decent strat knock off). I play classic rock, hard rock (like GNR) and some metal (mostly metallica), but I play a lot of blues (SRV) so need good cleans as well as good OD.

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Classic won't even touch metal. I played one the other day and physically checked that i was on the gain channel because i wasn't sure. However, i didn't much care for the Haze combo i played either. All i can advise you to do is what i've decided to do, save some god damn money and try and get hold of a DSL50 or summin along those lines.
^Sorry. If I were to save up some 'god damn money' as you put it, I would not buy a DSL.

I personally did not care for the Haze, but there are some here really like 'em so play one TS if you can see what you think.

I personally like the Classic 30, even though I have never played one. Yes, that's true, I've never played one. Here is a little clip MatrixClaw did on a Classic 30 that you should check in case you didn't think it had any gain. It will also be great if you play a lot of blues.


TS - you'll get more amp for your money if you include used amps in your search. Where are you in Illinois? Have you checked your local craigslist?
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