I just finished writing my latest song, Its all done apart from the vocals which will be done soon but I thought I'd just get some opinions on the song/mix.


The guitars are recorded direct through my E530 using the catharsis s- high pres impulse.
The bass is EWQL goliath using a modelled fender 5 string going through pod farm.
The drums are SSD using the cracky metal kit.

Any opinions on how to improve my mix or song would great, I'll happily crit back.


Ibanez RGT220H
Schecter C1 Elite
Ibanez EWC30
Maxon OD-808
Framus Cobra
Peavey 5150 MK1 Block Letter
ENGL E530 Preamp
Mesa Boogie Standard Rectifier 4x12


Man I really love all the little things you do to your songs with dynamics and stuff!

The drums in the first bit before the vocals come in and with the vocals really need that extra cymbal hit between the two that are there. Might have said that wierd but yeah. the drums just seem too slow for that part. I'm reaaaaly digging your lead tones man.

Your playing is super tight! **** man!

The fills sound awesome but the general drums need some more velocity editing, I dont know if its just slate. I use AD.

heres mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1200598