Hello everybody.

I'm planing to buy a seven-string Ibanez, and I have a lot of effectpedals, like Boss-Distortion, Chorus, etc.

I want to ask if these effects will work with a seven-string guitar in the same way they do with a 6-string. Because I heard there are some effects just, or especially for seven-strings, like H&K Warp Factor.

Thanks to you all!
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they will work
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There might be some distortion built to handle the low B frequencies but all you have should be fine.
i think Ibanez makes a tonelok distortion specifically for 7 strings. i've never played one, but it'd probably be okay. the tonelok series are decent for the price.

either that or a Dano Cool Cat metal distortion.
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They work fine I use my boss Me-20 It's all good and I'm a full step down from B standard
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If bass players use guitar effects, i think you should be able to use a 7 string.
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