I play my Ibanez ART300 through a Peavey 40 Watt XXX combo. I just got the guitar back from a set up so I'm playing it in tune for the first time, but when I get the level of gain I want from it, unless I'm muting the strings, there's a ridiculous amount of noise. I plug in my guitars without active pickups on the same settings and it sounds great. The noise doesn't stop when I play either, from even slightly touching the other strings. Tapping is out of the question. Any way I can remedy this?
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Sounds like the guitar isn't shielded very well
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Noise gate might be wise, but the actives will drive your amp more than the passives so you might wanna roll down the gain a bit.
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get new pickups or get an ISP Noise Decimator (the greatest noise gate you can buy)
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turn down the pickup volume
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turn down the pickup volume

This, up the gain on your amp and roll down the volume on your guitar