I'm looking at a few different models, any advice or recommendations on these models...


I'm mainly looking at the Telecaster and Les Paul copies, anybody have good experiences with these guitars? I currently have a Decent Acoustic, and have been playing it for a while, and would like to learn some rifs etc, that would be better on Electric, and certain parts that I can't reach on my acoustic because I don't have a cutaway. thanks!
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I've got an Agile Interceptor 7 string and its very good but that was one of their 650 dollar things. Not sure how good their six strings are but your unlikely to get anything more than reasonable for those prices. I recommend shopping around for other guitars you can find reviews on.
Rondo music has great guitars for good prices. I mean they're not like REALLY REALLY REALLY great but they're some of the best in their price rang.
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Since I first saw Rondo's site and checked out their guitars I have purposely gone out looking for them to try. It's hard because they do not sell wholesale so all the guitars I have tried were used. The lower end SX and Douglas guitars are not bad beginner guitars at all. I have come across a few surprises. I got a Douglas WRL as a gift that I ended up keeping because it's just an awesome guitar. (189.99) And one SX Explorer copy I tried I loved but it had a sold tag on it. All the Agile guitars I have tried were very good even the lower end ones. I got a beautiful used Agile double cutaway for $200.00 that is amazing all around. The good thing about Rondo is their awesome customer support.

As far as the Douglas LP goes I would invest a few more $$ for a set neck version. The Teles I wouldn't touch but only because I just do not like Teles.