so i'm on craigslist and i post an ad for a custom flute that i bought years ago when i was serious about making it a profession, i get an email back from this check and she tells me that shes moving away and she'll send a check or something of the nature to me. She'll pay for everything is the main theme here and asks for my information and thats when i figured that it was one of those scammers.

i posted on the for sale musical items section on craigslist that this girl is goin' around makin' scams, to be aware of the situation. i posted her name and her email address. then i get an email reply from some dude telling me not to do that, its the responsibility of fellow craiglisters to catch a fraud or learn that they're being scammed, also continues to go as far as to even say, "no need to clutter up the CL boards, this isn't your good neighborly advice board"

is he right? should i let people figure it out on there own even if it means they could be scammed out of something? if i can make an assumption but i bet that most people here on UG don't read instruction manuals when say, they open up a pedal box or something. you kinda just go with it and figure it out, only later do you actually look at it.

so am i the wrong person because i want help my fellow craigslist companions?

or is he being a jerk?
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There is a whole site devoted to reporting scammers on craigslist.

Move along citizen.
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Nah, he's just being an elitist jerk in my opinion. I've never seen what's wrong about warning others on sites about scams, but there are always these dicks out there claiming that it should be down to individual users to be responsible for themselves.

I'd love to see them say something along the same lines when someone breaks into their house.
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IS he a mod?

Owner of a site?


If not, fuck him and do what you want.
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Thats quite a common scam and I think they outline it in the scam warning section so I don't think it was really necessary but who cares :/

they do kind of tell you about it, but like i said. does anyone read the manual to something they know how to do? the first couple of months i went on craigslist doin' my thing and i get a bunch of emails regarding check payments. even though it said on the CL page don't trust those kinds of people i don't think many people actually read it. I've to this day never read the itunes agreement thing, i just click accept.

saves alot of time.
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Who cares? If you think it was a good thing to post it, then good for you, let him say what he wants
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