I've been looking at 8 string guitars, and Agiles look like my best bet (especially the ocean burst intrepid pro 828 dual cepheus maple fretboard). They're cheap, they look great, and I've also heard some really awesome things about them. I do have some questions though:

1. Can these guitars only be bought from the internet? I've found 'em on Rondo Music but nowhere else. Is that the only place they're sold?

2. Is there any sort of return policy? I don't want to get the guitar and realize I don't like it.

3. Anybody here have any opinions on them (Agile Guitars/Rondo Music)?

Thanks in advance.
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I bought a guitar from Rondo music and love it. (Pics in my profile) Really beautiful, greatly built guitar. If there is anything wrong with it you can always send it back and get your money back, or even keep it and Kurt would credit you some of your money. Cant go wrong with Agile guitars.
1. rondomusic is the only place that sell them
2. probably a standard 30 defective return policy
3. i haven'y played one but i hear they are as good as well known beands for a fraction of the price
I've played one and they're really nice, and at those prices they're hard to beat.
As far as the 8 strings go I have no clue on the quality but if there built as well as the other Agiles they should be good. I am sure I have read some guys here on the UG got them hopefully they can help you.