hello! I have an Ibanez rg7321 and I`ve been using the 11-70 gauge on it for like 3 months now. I play mostly in B or A. Since it`s such a heavy gauge (I love it) can there be any problem using it on that guitar? It`s with a hardtail bridge,25.5 scale.
Thanks in advance
60 is really all you need, but Jeff Loomis uses a 70 in Bb, and Christian Olde Wolbers uses at 72. Different guitars with thicker necks though.
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I use a 70 at B, there are no issues with it, as long as everything intonates properly and rings true then i wouldnt worry.
I used a 70 in drop A, particularly from the Dunlop Zakk Wylde set, which i advise you to avoid as those strings are so dull and lifeless..
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