Ok, so i have an electric Fender Squire Stratocaster and want to learn to play Love Drunk by Boys like Girls (Please dont judge me) And I need to change the settings on my amp. I already have my guitar tuned to an open D.

And So, my Guitar is tuned to a Open D to play the song love drunk by boys like girls. And i just need to set my amp to sound like it.. Because when i try and play the song it sounds weird because its like full metal settings. So, the options on my amp are

Gain, Level, Level, Low, Mid, High, Mode

And Gain, Level, Level, Low, Mid, High can go from 1 to 10. And on the "Mode" nob thing there is:

Bypass, Delay, 2, Flange, Cho 1, Cho 2, Cho Rev, Rev 1, Rev 2

So if anyone can help me to set my settings right help! Thanks!

And for those who haven't heard the song Love Drunk, here you guys go.