My birthday's coming up and I want to get a decent guitar, I started learning about two years ago so the guitars I have are just cheap ones I got incase I lost interest or found I wasnt any good.

Ive gotten quite good at playing now, so I've passed the beginners stage, but Im still not great. was just wondering If you had any suggestions as to what type/brand of guitar is good, as I know nothing about that type of thing. Just a couple of suggestions would be good, just so I can walk into a guitar shop and know what to look for

my budget should be about £500, though it depends on how much I get for my birthday...

anything else you want to know just ask

thanks xx

P.s. I like playing both electric and acoustic guitars, so perhaps a good semi acoustic?
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Genres you play?
Bands you wish to emulate?
Shape preferences?
Wood preferences?
Tremolo or no tremolo?
Breaking stereotypes by playing indie on a metal guitar.

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aaah.. well thats difficult as I like to play a lot of different sounds. Rock but nothing too heavy, also soft acoustic stuff as well. I guess I dont want anything too complicated to play as i'm still learning, but something that will still be good when I improve my playing
How much does £500 transfer to USD? I'm assuming around $1,000 right?

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Just find something that feels good, sounds good, and just fits what you want in a guitar. What amp are you playing through?