So the screw for output A fell out and I was wondering how I could get output B into the output A hole - assuming that's possible.
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Well, just open the amp, and take it back, it's not that complicated
you dont need to use the other jack.

the first jack is still there.

and to connect a new jack in that hole, you would need, to find the wires connected to the fallen jack anyway.

so, since it's still there, just pushed in, all you would need to do, is walk it into a tech and ask him to fish it out.

either that or unplug it and start looking for screws to take out of the amp, in a way that would help you fish out that jack.

BUT NOTE i suggest you dont blindly dig inside an amp with a screwdriver.

amps can hold a charge even when unplugged and you can get hurt.

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