Gotta quite hum that fades in and out but goes away when i tap the power tubes. Anybody ever experience this?
B52 112... The hum starts to fading in and out after the amp has been on for awhile. Its not loud just barely audible when im practicing. If I bump the amp the sound goes away then fades back in.
Well, all amps hum to some degree. It's a low cost tube amp so I say - that's just the way it is. Power tubes can rattle and hum. I wouldn't keep bumping it though. If it really bothers you there are lots of things you can get into to resolve.

Tube retainers
Power conditioners
Check all wiring on guitar (and amp by amp tech only)
grounding issues
noise gates
it gets crazy - but it sounds like you have normal hum.

I wouldn't say normal because it just started doing this. In a way it kinda sounds like a Jacobs ladder as the hum gets louder peaks and then starts over. I appreciate the help and if it gets worse ill have it looked at
dude if ur running a high gain amp it could just be the gain ur running mine did exactly the same thing i sorted this with a noise gate n hum debugger worked out good for me