I was just introduced to this website this year for my calculus class...it is such a pain to use. If the answer isn't entered using the EXACT notation the teacher entered it doesn't work, even if it is still the right answer. The website lags like crazy, freezes, and logs me off on a regular basis

Do any other pit goer's have to use this tool of the devil?
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I use it too, but i dont have the problems that u seem to be having... I used it last year for physics and im using it again this year for phys 2. For us, as long as your answer is reasonably close, in terms of rounding and having the correct digits to the left of the decimal, it gives u the right answer. Never had any issue with freezing or gettin logged off. But even if it did freeze, every time u answer a question, it usually saves ur status on the assignment anyways.
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I had to use that infernal contraption for Cal 1 and Cal 2. Luckily I don't have to use it anymore!
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Webassign sucks. I have to use it for three classes this semester.
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I get to use CourseCompass.

Retard math ftw.
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