No, I believe you will need to get a lefty pick guard. There is shielding on the backside so flipping a righty around won't work me thinks.

Otherwise, the ones you found will fit Strats. I've purchased several from Guitar Center. It may be a bit tougher finding a lefty from them tho, I just looked and couldn't find one. If I do find one, I'll post it.
If you need a lefty pickguard just buy from Warmoth or some place like that. I don't think I've ever seen a lefty at GC.
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The pattern will be the same but the bevel on the guard will be backwards and if its pearloid it wont be on the back side. Your not gonna find much if ANY selection out there in lefty pickguards. Im a lefty and have done plenty of searching. Best bet is get a dremmel and some bits and learn to make em like I do.