Does anybody know? I saw them a year ago and there were with Orange but i dont know how long thats been for. I really liked the lead tone and i would like to know what amp and what pedal (if any) were used.
Thanks guys

EDIT: i watched a old live performance and it looks like a marshall without a logo? what do you think?
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yeah it looks like marshall's and mesa's to me

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I saw dallas green back in janurary I was in the front row right in front of him and he was using an gibson es guitars (like bb kings),an old marshall plexi half stack with the marshall logo removed...his pedal board had a eh holy grail.a white mxr pedal(micro amp?)A black mxr pedal,a big green line 6 pedal, a boss tuner and noise supressor,and some grey box in the middle for distortion but it wasn't marked just plain grey....hope this helps a little
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