im willing to go 1200 like it says on the sites, but is it possible to get it any cheaper?
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buy used.

This. probably the cheapest would be buying used parts and making a partscaster... You'd have to know a bit for the wiring part though...
ive never seen one for under 1000, however some stores may let them go for 900 or so. depending on the original price of course.

personally though, i would go for a mexican one. i dont feel, hear or see a difference other than the price. i think most people who talk bad about them dont know what the **** they are talking about.
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I got my American Deluxe Strat 3 years ago new for $900 bucks. It was a case of stacking a couple discounts and deals at Guitar Center, and haggling.

You're best bet, especially in light of the recent price hike, is to buy used.
I agree with the guy that said to get a mexican one. I cant find a difference other than saying "ehhhh I have an american one". But if you want to go a little more expensive than you can get a Highway One. I suggest an HSS. OR maybe a Deluxe Roadhouse. Or maybe and FSR. Jesus, there are so many.
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Warmoth, I think.
If I'm right, an Alder Strat body+maple/maple or maple/rosewood neck from warmoth shouldn't cost more than $500 finished. $90 trem, $150 on pickups, $15 on electronics, $20 on a PG, $3 on a jack plate. Comes out to around $780, if my estimation is correct.
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used Highway one

This. They go for about $500 used and honestly I'd rather get a Highway One than an American Standard anyway
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Either get a Deluxe second hand, buy a Highway One series, or order parts from Warmoth and put it together yourself. Those are your cheap options that will still result in a good guitar.

However really, some MIM Strats can be just as good as the Highway One models. Anyone claiming that a MIM Strat can compete with a MIA Deluxe Strat is taking the piss or delusional, but MIM vs Highway One is a much closer call as the Highway Ones are 90% the same as the MIM's just made a short drive further north and given a nitro finish. The MIM Deluxe and Classic Player Strats in particular can easily compete with the Highway One models, so long as you test them out before you buy it to make sure you're getting a good one.
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