Sort of a work in progress once it gets to the part after Chorus 2. Mostly looking for step by step feedbac, will return the favor!
Hand In Hand.zip
Wow, great song! I really like the lead guitar's line and the vocals are pretty catchy and well structured, the lyrics go pretty well along with the rest of the music. The solo is also going pretty good, I hope you can find a good piece of music to go along in those 4 empty bars you left. Average so far, so good. Keep it up!
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Intro: I'm liking this riff immediately. The vocal add-in is okay.

Verse 1: I like the vocal melody; so far, everything seems not only solid, but really good.

Pre-Chorus 1: Again, really liking it, especially the lyrics.

Chorus 1: There's that great riff again. You must have a talented vocalist; I like it.

Verse 2: Not sure if you should stay with the same lyrics for the second verse as you did for the first.

Pre-Chorus 2: Still good.

Chorus 2: Wow; the backing vocals sound okay, but do you really think you'll be able to get that high-pitched?

Interlude-thing: Pretty good, and was definitely needed.

Pick-up to solo bit: Not bad.

Overall, you've got a great start, although you should probably change the lyrics in second verse, although you could stay with the same melody.

C4C? It's the link in my sig.
Yeah, the lyrics for the verses are both just placeholders, I honestly hate the lyrics of the verses, and I plan on changing them both to vary. For the backing vocals, or any of the vocals in general, the phrases can definitely be moved down an octave if needed.
Wow this is really good, I honestly don't think it needs that much.

If I were writing it, I'd delete everything you've got after chorus one, It becomes a little to repetitive for my liking, Although some people like that I guess.

I would try and aim for a structure simmilar to this:

Verse 1
Pre-Chorus 1
Chorus 1
Verse 2, but with a different melody or guitar part or something than the first verse.
Pre-Chorus 2
Chorus 2
Bridge or whatever that bit after chorus 2 is,

So that's actually pretty much what you've got, I'd say just add a little variety.
Also whats with the 4 bar gap at the end?

Edit: Work on the mix! I couldn't hear half the thing until I moved the EQ sliders around to make room for all the instruments.
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