So i recently got a engl e530 and a 930/60 and then i saw a mesa studio pre on ebay and thought to my self... a/b/y pedal + 2 pre's + 2 channel power amp + stereo cab = amazing?

Anyone ever tried this?
what do you recon the engl and the mesa would sound like together? i'm mainly playing rock / metal and stuff.
I actually own both of these preamps, and they do sound amazing. I've never tried them both in stereo though, but it might be fun for recording a stereo track.
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i believe the rule of "why the heck not?!" applies here.

My thoughts exactly :P but i'm quite broke... i bought the 930/60 with money i didnt have haha oh the pain we go through for good tone!

i was hoping maybe the mesa would chunk up the engl as it is lacking in the low mids a bit (might also be my guitar. schecter hollywood classic with stock pickups which dont have much low end)

Buisiness you mind recording both quickly for me? separate and together? i have the e530 set up for moderate high gain.. gain on about 5 on the high gain channel, then usually eq so that the mids arent scooped, but sound modern anyway.
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Pretty busy these days so I'm not sure I'll be able to record anything good for a while. I can tell you right now that the Studio preamp is based on the IIC+, you'll sound just like classic metallica with the EQ set in the V position, which is the preamp's best setting for gain IMO. The cleans are also the best out of all the amps I've got. You will get big bottom end with that classic setting, but not much mids; although the 5-band EQ is very responsive and can give you many tones. I actually think the E530 has got more mids than most Engl's
Well, if you get a chance that would be awesome!

what do you think of the mesa's clean compared to the engl's clean?
my brother does that with his crate33 and epiphone blues amp. It sounds awesome if you have a proper signal splitter.
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Well, if you get a chance that would be awesome!

what do you think of the mesa's clean compared to the engl's clean?

The Engl cleans are nice, but the Mesa ones have more life in them, less sterile.
bluesy what do you mean a propper signal splitter? like a powered pedal not some crappy 1 in 2 out adapter?
OK new idea, Mesa V Twin infront of the e530, both on about mid to low gain.. to get a nice thick mid gain sound? or i could do the aby with the v twin.. anyone ever used the v twin for metal / heavy rock?