Okay so I've had my dream rig planned for a year and a half and have been getting parts of it as I can. My dream rig contains:

-Marcus Miller Pre Amp(have)
-SWR Big Ben 1x18(don't have)
-SWR Goliath Junior IV 2X10 8 Ohm(don't have)
-QSC RMX 2450 Power Amp(don't have)
-Furman Merit M-8LX Power Conditioner with Lights(will have by the end of the month)
-dbx 223 2-way stereo, 3-way mono crossover(have)

I have the power amp substituted with a Behringer Europower EP2500 for now that I bought for a science project my freshman year in high school which was building a bass cabinet. Those 2 objects are just my home practicing equipment.

My question is where do I put the crossover in my signal chain? I want to use each channel in the QSC separately(one channel for each speaker cab).
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Preamp--> X-over(mono)-> Power amp

You'll use channel 1 of the crossover for lows, and channel two for highs, if I'm reading this right.

The "Low" output will go to one power amp channel, and the "High" output will go to the other.
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