Hello all and thank you for looking.

I am kind of a beginer at guitar and right now I have a 3 year old strat that was like $100 dollars or something like that and works for right now but I would like to get a better guitar. I don't know much about them other than how to play and I was wondering if anyone knows of good guitars that would be good for beginers that would be good enough that once I get better I will not have to upgrade right away already. A pretty low price would be nice ($200-300 preferably). Thank you!

EDIT: I like to play some metal, rock, and alternative. I have a 30 wat PeyVey amp.
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WhAT genres u play. And what amp u usin
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Hmm- to be honest I would save up until you reach the $400-500 range... these are where the intermediate level guitars are, and you will truely appreciate the upgrade. Be patient, and save up. Since you are a beginner, you probably have a smaller amp. Consider upgrading that as well when the time is right. Telling us what genres you play well help us narrow down the selection for ya

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Oh sorry I forgot to mention that. I like to play a little bit of metal, rock, and alternative. Oh and I have a Pey Vey amp 30 wats.

- Richmanofaction, thanks for the advice, I will try and save up.
Proabaly stretch the budget a little bit furthur.
The guitars in your price range won't be noticably different,
For the genres you like i'd go for an Epiphone LP standard which is a great value guitar.
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Stick with the guitar you have, save up to a $500-$600 budget, wait till you improve and then get a decent guitar.
At the moment it would seem that your amp is a bit better than your guitar, which is a good thing. My first response would be to agree that saving up a bit more would get you a much better guitar. But GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome) is GAS and is hard to ignore. If you feel the need to upgrade with the money you have, look at Agiles from Rondo Music and at the Cort range as both are very good value brands at the lower end. For your styles, I'd say at least one humbucker at the bridge position would be good and two humbuckers would give the best sound range. (but its your ears)
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A Schecter Omen 6, I think could do all of those styles well, and also look into the Ibanez RGs in your price range, as well as the Epiphone G-400
So you have a 30 watt Peavey of some sort?
I'd say an Ibanez, an LTD, or a Schecter.
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After one year of guitar playing (as I still was an absolute beginner) I bought myself an Ibanez GRG170DX. It was about 229 € here in Germany. I still play it today. In general you normally cant do anything wrong with buying an Ibanez. At least I think so.