Wow, this is really good. You guys are all great instrumentalists, and your singer is good too. You guys are really tight, the drummer and bassist have a great groove going. I can't emphasize enough how much I like the rhythm section in this song. I like how you guys use a simple chord progression so you have more freedom to improvise and just groove. The sax was a nice touch and it was well played. Like I said, the singer is very good and his voice definitely matches the mood of the song. The rhythm guitar wasn't amazing or anything but definitely fit into the pocket and left room for the other instruments to play out.

But YES, I love the distorted guitar solo. I definitely hear the classic rock influence. I wasn't expecting it at all but it's really kinda epic. Good call coming out of it and ending on a chill note.

A few complaints. One, turn the bass up. For the first couple of minutes I was just enjoying how much the drummer was grooving, but I didn't really hear the bass until I consciously zeroed in on it. Turn the bassist up because he was doing some great stuff and you don't want people to miss it.

Secondly, the lyrics were kind of generic. It's so stereotypical to write a reggae song about a lazy day and jamming. The first reggae song I wrote was called "Sit and Relax". I think everyone is tempted to write a reggae song about relaxing/chilling/being lazy, but it's been done a million times before. I would consider changing the lyrics/title because in my opinion it does kind of cheapen the song. I was honestly expecting the song to be kind of crappy when I saw the generic title but you guys really blew me away.

So I think you should consider changing the lyrics, but I can understand if you don't want to at this point. The vocal melodies were excellent so DON'T change them no matter what. If you can think of new lyrics that fit in with the melodies, then great. But if not, it's probably better to keep what you have. And it's okay if you decide to keep the lyrics as they are. But like I said, I think they are a bit too generic.

Finally, I think the vocals come in a bit too abruptly. Consider playing through the chord progression 1-2 times before the vocals come in. I think that would be a smoother intro.

But please, don't take all that crit to mean that the song is bad. I'm really trying to give you some helpful advice because I think that this song is awesome. Possibly better than 95% of the stuff I've heard on UG. I just think that you could tweak a few things to perfect it.

Nice work though.
wow. great stuff. i love youre style. you blended reggae/and almost a folky thing pop a little rock. good stuff. i liked the intro. this song is what a good reggea song should be. lazy and smoking herb. dont think i dident notice the lenth of the song also lol. i liked the lyrics. good good stuff. i would buy youre guy's music. the vocals were good and had emotion but they sounded a liyyle shacky at times, and i wasent a huge fan of the tone but they got the job done. i love how you all just jam out on youre interments. great stuff. rock on guys.

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