I personally think this is the most talentless, bland, and generic band in today's music. It's bands like these that make me regret being born in this generation. What do you guys think?
What's the most song you like from them?… I'll listen to it, cuz I really don't know anything about this band for sure… And how do you guys pronounce "3oh! 3 ?"… That's a weird name I think
I personally don't like it, but out there somewhere I'm pretty sure there's a "Bands You Don't Like" thread. I do agree with you on the fact that its bland though.

Here's a link to a thread in the pit about this exact thing! No way!:
I only listen to Don't Trust Me from time to time. I can't stand the other stuff I've heard from them
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It's mainstream american hip-hop. Of course it sucks.

It's bands like this that make me proud to be born in this generation
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I don't understand how 3oh!3 are on kerrang or w/e when they're, well... ya know XD. generic american crap?
Hate them. Can't stand their music, and in my opinion, they sold out. If you're playing Warped Your and Kiss Concert in the same year, you're doing something wrong.

Then again, Warped Tour is like Kiss Concert for "indie" kids anyway, so...