This is the first song I composed for my band, with the help of the guitarist's lyrics. So far we have about 10 songs made up, but we believe this one's one of the best we've done. I'm looking for some constructive criticism, C4C!
Never Again.zip
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Standard punk rock intro, standard lyrics throughout the whole song. Pitches with the vocals need to be way more defined in their pitch, they're following the root notes around and it's just not right to have the vocals singing one pitch per measure. Interlude is too long, and it needs maybe some RSE Pop Compressed drums, add a beat when the guitar comes in, don't make it like the rest, that beat gets old FAST.

Definitely work on the rhythm for the vocals, too, right now it's just a bit ugly and boring. If you're going for the standard Blink-182 song that this sounds a lot like, you want to have more pitchy vocals with more rhythm to them, add more eighth notes, etc.
You need to work on tabbing the vocals. Anyways, I like the main riff; not incredibly original, but it's okay. I get a very Blink-182 feel from this song. Overall, the song is really pretty generic; there's nothing wrong about it other than that. Nothing really sticks out from it.

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This reminds me more of some Simple Plan stuff.
Especially lyrically.

The ringing notes on the bass during the interlude is really annoying.