I'm having trouble deciding between two guitars. my budget is around $400-500 and I've narrowed it down to either an Agile AL-3100 or either a Epiphone Dot or an Ibanez AF75D. My real dilemma is between the semi-hollow or solid body. I really don't get much heavier than Zeppelin, and I mostly play classic rock or blues. Would the semi-hollow be able to handle the distortion?
Or should I go with the Agile AL-2900, the hollow version of the 3100? My acoustic isn't all that great plus I think semi-hollows are sweet. But my head keeps telling me that I should just go with the 3100? What should I choose?
Btw I'm about to upgrade my amp, so I'm not quite sure what to get, so it isn't a factor right now. Thanks
yes, a semi-hollow body can handle the distortion just fine...the problem comes when you get a full hollow body guitar (as they are prone to feedback at levels of gain/distortion). i would suggest the dot. i've had one for years and it's a great guitar (very versatile).
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You can put a peice of fabric inside the hollwobody to stop feedback if it gets too much so don't fret over a hollowbody.
the hollowbodies are just so resonant and warm (wish i'd got one)

Can't tell you which is better, although i've only heard good things about the Dot.
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