I'm really liking this guitar, but i have one question about it. How is the trem? If i use it is the guitar going to go straight out of tune or what? I know that with standard trems like this there isn't a locking nut so how would the tuning stability be on this?

Also, does anyone own or have any opinions on this guitar to help me decide on a purchase or not?

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might as well not have a trem if u get that
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You'll be able to do subtle vibrato stuff, but nothing crazy.
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Okay cool. Yeah, well i'm not a total trem nut. I just like having one there in the case that i'd like to use it. I do utilize it sometimes but not very often (that's why i prefer standard trems over floating. Less work)

As long as it won't totally go out of tune with one little movement of the bridge.
"Then I just had a cage full of mice."
yeah man! its a pretty good trem. obviously if you go Vai on it, you will more than likely not be in the same zip code tuning wise, but add some locking tuners and it really helps quite a bit
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