I've been playing guitar and other stringed instruments for awhile now, and am looking to try out bass. I love the sound and groove of the electric bass guitar and what it contributes to music. The only that that has been stopping me is the price of buying both a bass and a bass amp. I was hoping this thread could help point me in the direction of fairly good quality cheap bass + amp options. Budget is around $200 CAD (Yikes, Good luck.).

Thanks in advance for those who take the time to respond and help me out
for $200 CAD I would say find a Squier P-Bass or a J-Bass and just play it though your guitar amp but not very loudly. What amp do you have?

EDIT: I feel your pain about the Canadian money. We get gouged on guitar prices here :/
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Don't play it through your guitar amp. Not even quietly.
The only way you could get away with that is if you use headphones and stop the signal before it gets to your speakers.
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Well, I suggest having a go at any local pawn shops. Sometimes you can get them to throw in an amp with the purchase of a bass for not too much more.

Or, you could look at some basses at least from http://www.rondomusic.com/bassguitars4.html. I bought a fretless there for $140 and I largely prefer it to any of the MIM Fenders that I have played.
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The thing with playing through a guitar amp is, even if you don't ruin the amp (which is not hard to do btw), you will lose a considerable part of your low end and won't really hear the bass' full potential. This can also impact your technique as well in adverse ways.

Check out second hand shops for amps. I got my Kustom KBA10 for 20 USD at a used instrument store. While it didn't have the greatest tone, it was a good bass practice amp and much better than using a guitar amp.