i have narrowed my search down to a marshall class5 ($400), a fender blues junior(500$), orange crush 30R(200), bugera v22 22w(350), peavey windsor 20w(400), blackstar ht5(400). i am going to play mainly play blues and hard rock(zeppelin and sabbath, some metal like metallica). or suggest one of these amps with a pedal. thanks
I strongly suggest the Bugera V22 and an OD like a Digitech Bad Monkey.
The Blues Junior won't have enough gain for your needs.
Peavey Windsor won't have the cleans you need for Blues.
Orange Crush is solid state, I'd stay away from it.
The Bugera is way more versitile than the Blackstar.
The Blackstar and Class 5 won't be loud enough to be heard with a band, unless you wanna buy a mic and a PA.

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I think for the music you play a Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 100 Watt would be a great amplifier with its never ending tone scape at high low volume and in between.

This amplifier is insane and can be had for as low as $800. Its extremly worth the price and you'll never want to play another amplifier again once you find your tone in the VM.
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