So, after a night of Dan Deacon (who is the best ****ing live performer of all time), I make a trip back to my friend's college dorms a half an hour away from the show. I'm a little high because I was just at a show, and it is unexcusable to be sober at a show. So, I make my way out of the parking structure, back out of town, for fifteen minutes on the freeway, and through the town. I come upon a left hand turn, and there is an officer of the law on a nifty black bike at the intersection.

He signals me to turn, so I start the turn, but halfway through, he signals me to stop and I end up making the turn anyways. The lights go off behind me, I have to pull to a stop in the middle of a two way road and try and understand what just happened. Cars are honking behind me, I dgaf I'm high. So, Officer Kevin Bacon decides to give me a piece of his mind. "What were you thinking? Did you not see the signal I made?" I wanted to jump in, but I was busy laughing on the inside, because I could tell this guy was either ****ing with me or just one of those asshole cops. "How did you get your driver's license, pulling a move like that?" I responded politely, "I don't know, sir." Finally, he finished his coffee and donut fueled rant. Then, he told me to, "Wait right here." And he drove off on his cute little bike. I sat in the intersection for about five minutes before realizing that he wasn't coming back. So, I drove off, parked my car on campus, and headed to the party.

At the party, they're doing everything the frats do. The beer pong table in the basement, wine cooler and natty ice upstairs for the bros to chill to. Nothing's really happening, I've already talked to everyone I know...about halfway through this party, I step outside for a cigarette and this girl runs up to me from across the backyard and gives me a kiss. Then, she realizes I am not who she was looking for. Then ensued the most awkward five minutes of contemplation over a grit ever. Went back inside, never saw that chick for the rest of the party. Got more ****ed up, and had as good of a night as you can without a random hook up thrown somewhere in the mix.

Any good party stories?
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Well I was chillin with mah homies Dimebag and Hendrix...


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One of the biggest ways for you to lose my respect is if you get drunk and post on a message board.

Go find a party, bra. Alcohol isn't fun by yourself.

oh, my bad i just got home from having a life, and made a quick post on UG. ill go away now...bra
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