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RIP Tom Searle.
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The G&L, Suhr, Tom Anderson etc copies are awesome.

The Vintage, Squier, Jim Deacon, Encore etc copies are cheap enough for beginners.
get over it. i dont like V's but do you hear me complaining about them?
i see where you coming from but just play your guitar and stop worrying about stupid things
I think if someone makes a cheaper strat, go for it. Someone makes a better strat, go for it. The economy states that the one that makes a better value gets bought. I dont care who invented it, if it plays better, and its price is reasonable, I'll buy it.
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We shall do nothing,
because regardless of what happens, they will continue the manufacturing of strats.

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We shall do nothing,
because regardless of what happens, they will continue the manufacturing of strats.


But wtf?
Yep. I am a beginner(All my teachers are Teh suck so im learning from Internets)and i have a strat copy. I do not get good sounds out of it. either cause its cheep or I am Teh Suck
Strat copies are nice for beginners. They are not the best players so why would they need good gear? Its there to help you get acquainted with a guitar, not to make you shred.
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The necks so long that theres like 100 frets.
If you wear womens clothes while broom-guitaring its incredible.

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Yer it was a revolutionary guitar shape but that's not the point. i am asking why their are so many copies
Because it's a great guitar, and people want to cash in on beginners who don't know better. Considering the Strat is most likely the one guitar non-musicians tend to associate with electric guitars, it makes sense why people copy it.
idk why...but it was my 1st guitar

i thought it was fine for me
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