So, we got some decent quality live recordings from our show a while back. I was less than thrilled at some of the mistakes made (per gratuitous intake of alcohol pre-show as well as string breakage 1 song), but the quality for live recording is pretty good. This was our 1st Dallas show (3rd overall) as a new band and I'm curious to your thoughts on the music. Please ignore the few off notes and just get the gist of it lol. I'm not really sure which song I'd like opinions on, so pick one (there are only 3)

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Wow, that is some pertty amazing live recording quality. Bravo. I love your stlye of music, its very upbeat, and heavy but at the same time light. I couldent listen to all your tracks all the way through because the player was being retarted. But for what they are they sound pertty professional. Great guitar work, and a sour note every now and then is just part of playing live, no biggy.

I guess I'll crit your first song. I think it was your intro song to introduce yourselfs, so I'll ignore the somewhat repetitive intro verse, but it was pertty awesome as it went on, when you speed up the intro verse after you introduced yourselves. I think I made it to the chours when the player craped out on me. But what I heard was pertty good, I think you should get a studio recording of it, or you could use the live version because it sounded pertty good too.

Thanks for critien mine, I know its a bit repetitive, but 140 BPM is a bit hard for me to play with. It was more of an idea than a real song.