Hey Guys...
Iv only had my guitar for over a year now..And i practise has much as i can. When i first started it was very frustrating ,playing chords.getting your fingers to go where you want them to.Finding your way round the neck.But over the year i have improved a lot and my fingers are getting stronger and im getting more confident..Im not looking to be a great guitarist or join a band ..I just love the sound and feel of a guitar accustic or electric...The question i wanna ask is.. all guitars are different..You may buy your first guitar and that may not be the right guitar to learn on..Such has the neck !! some guitar necks will be thicker some thinner so getting your hand round that to play chords would be harder..The strings of a guitar !!! Some will be easier to play some wont...I have very small hands and fingers which makes it harder...So id like some of your guys opinions on what is the best guitar to learn with !! What strings are the best to use when first learning !! And anything else that could help the learner..I know theres no short cuts its practise , practise, practise.. But having the right guitar or the right strings will help...So if you where just starting to learn !! What would that first guitar be !! and the strings you would use !!

Thanks Guys
Cheap guitars and amp set-ups can hinder your playing. For instance, controlling noise on guitars with rubbish pick-ups can be a challenge. Anyone playing through a practice amp and £200 guitar would certainly sound a bit cleaner on, say, Paul Gilberts rig.

But, as far as actual guitars are concerned, as long as they're not really really cheap it shouldn't hinder your practice. Like a £50 guitar will have a neck that will warp all the time, go out of tune all the time etc....

As far as strings go, most of the brands are all the same as far as quality goes. It just depends on what gauge and sound you're looking for.

All in all you want to try out guitars and strings and pick what's best for YOU.
Sorry!! took me a while to get over the way you just use exclaimation marks to substitute for every kind of punctuation!!

There isn't a "best" guitar to learn on- as long as you learn correctly, you shouldn't have a problem
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Because you have to faff around with batteries. Batteries cost money.

They also sound abysmal.
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They also sound abysmal.

Thats your opinion buddy, not a fact. Maybe you should clarify that next time.
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Thats your opinion buddy, not a fact. Maybe you should clarify that next time.

Your just sad because he hates schecter guitars haha.
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practise more efficiantly. that will help make it easier. i dont think strings make any difference. gauge maybe, but then you just grab a heavier pick and its all the same. necks being different never really made it any easier, just different. i never found it to be easier fretting a chord on an Ibanez the it was on a Gibson, and vice versa. they are just different (and serve their purpose). you need to find where your playing is and where you will be going. then find a guitar that is comfortable for you to play!!!!
Thanx for the feedback guys...
I understand its a kind of a hit and miss on what equipment you get..It could be kinda expensive if you buying the wrong equipment..I have a Squier strat and vt15 vox amp..its my first guitar and im looking for something new..The amp is ok i think has its just used at home..Id like your opinion on the squier tho....In the mean time i.ll just keep up the practise...

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Thats your opinion buddy, not a fact. Maybe you should clarify that next time.

They do sound abysmal.

And what's the obsession with people having to point out their opinions?
Come on, people on here are intelligent enough to distinguish between fact and opinion - i don't think we should have to point it out. But just for clarification, my last sentence about user intelligence was my opinion.
Squiers can be perfectly fine. Sometimes they aren't. I started learning on my nieces old Squier. It had a few dead spots that a setup wouldn't fix but it was alright to start with. I got an Epiphone LP after about a year. You have the same amp as me. It's a good practice amp. If you're wanting a new guitar just go try them. Different necks work for different people. As for strings, that's personal preference too. They're not terribly expensive so try some different ones until you find a kind you like.