My windows stay open to you,
and you can bathe in these tubs anytime you like,
but beware of the balcony, and don't lose your footing.
I warn you now these railings are weak.
I warn you now these railings are not for the weak.

Feel free to explore the dark little places
underneath my stairs, there's plenty of room to hide stuff
in there that even I can't bother to reach.
Don't forget to vacuum clean the rug once every
fifth-afternoon, and treat it as if it were an animal,
and I will treat you the same.

The roof is safe, provided you attach harnesses
made of jumping rope together, and watch out
for each other's back. I love the way your backs
lie against my shingles when you stare off into the stars,
but please be gentle when you go down for the morning,
I had just newly installed a drainage pipe in the southwest corner.

There's soap in the washroom, now, you two are quite dirty
from whatever ordeal you've been in, shame on you two!
Now, clean yourselves up, and get ready for dinner.
There's chicken on the stove, and your favorite food too.
It's a secret.
I'll show you grandpa's underdeveloped pictures later.

But beware of the balcony, don't lose your footing.
I warn you now those railings are weak.
I warn you now those railings are not for the weak.

The front doors opened to let two children out for
their first day of school, with the weather
a glorious blue and the sun a fluorescent yellow
that turned the grass green. The car revved up
and drove off a trailing dust tail, the two of them
snug securely in the backseat.
The car drove back the same path later in the afternoon,
and one of them had an idea.
"Let's take pictures from the balcony".
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
im not really sure about this. the descriptions and overall writing was good but nothing special, I kept feeling like I was gonna get hit in the face with something grand but it simply never happened. I assume Im missing something here so I guess ill re-read again later