Hi there, I'm looking for some help finding a genre of acoustic music. I asked this in another forum but i didn't get much help so i decided to come here.

Anywho, I was listening to the OST of an anime and i found these two acoustic songs.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgK_vTDSb64 (they're both in the same vid)

I don't normally listen to stuff like this, but when i heard it I thought "I must find more!" I'm supremely unsatisfied with the fact that both songs are about 1:30 long each. So my questions to you, UG, is where can i find music like this? Can anyone name some artists and genres that I could search through to find more stuff like this?

Someone told me it was Spanish guitar but I'm having trouble finding stuff that sounds similar to this.

Yeah, I found about 5 buckethead songs that sounded similar to it

Are there any other suggestions? I only have 20 minutes worth of music like this and it's starting to bug me
look for the candyrat label on youtube they have loads of different artists playing differnet types of acoustic
the first song sounded like it was from a classical guitar not acoustic..and to answer your question..i have no idea