I'm having trouble getting the right tone for AC/DC's Back in black. I have a Pyramid Studio Pro GA410 400w amp that has master, volume, bass,mid,treble nobs and a bass expander button on it. The guitar I'm using is an ARBOR(SOLID BODY)it has two tone nobs and two volume nobs and a rhythm and treble pick-up switch. What should everything be set to for AC/DC's Back in Black? Thanks,Peace out and Rock on!!!
I wouldn't trash all that stuff man...it sounds to me like ur just a beginner that hasn't accuired an ear for tone yet...when you do you will be able to pretty much figure out anyones guitar sounds and how to get a good replica of it with what you have

But yeah a gibson SG into a cranked marshall plexi is obviously gonna get that sound but that's at least 5 grand or more right there...but don't sweat it it the ac dc tone is as basic as you can get,just keep messin with them tone controls bro

Edit- is the amp you have a bass amp?...I was just thinking you didn't mention a gain control(maybe that's the regular vilume though?) And I've never seen a bass expander on a guitar amp,and 400 watts, sheesh that's a lot for guitar....just wondering if so that may be your problem bro
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You dont need a SG or a marshall stack to get AC/DC tone. But you probably arent gonna get any sort of good guitar tone from what pyramid tries to pass off as a guitar amp. Its more along the line of car stereo stuff put in a box and sold as a guitar amp. It might work as a PA or vocals amp if it had a better speaker. Set aside some money and go try some "guitar" amps at a local store something like a peavey vyper, roland cube etc.

On a side note pyramid should really stick with flea market car stereo equipment. I love how they always vastly over rate their amps. 400w max/60w RMS all thru a 8" speaker.
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