Hey guys. I need some help. I'm trying to write some music for a friend for a game he's making, and I was also going to use the music for an Audio assignment. However, I've written two bars and I'm stuck. So far I've got some crazy time signatures happening, but it's not because I planned to, that's just what I heard in my head. I'll also post the backstory for the game, see if it gives you any inspiration. It's kinda helped me.

A short while ago in a galaxy not too far away, the ultimate battle raged between good and evil, between righties and lefties.

The story starts on the planet AGIMA of the Codammore galaxy. It is being harvested for its centrifugal force by the evil ARATI lefties. This harvesting has caused AGIMA to slow down to the extent that the planet is now left with a side plunged into ice age darkness, and the other into a molten inferno.

The lefties are using this harvested power to create their ultimate doomsday machine, codenamed ‘e.t.’. e.t.’s full force is still unknown but it has been speculated that this evil incarnation could plunge the universe into a series of wells that it may never escape.

Using a newly designed battle craft, elite AGIMA and ARATI forces have been gathered in a last effort to determine the fate of the Codammore galaxy and the universe.

GP4 and GP5 attached. (But you all should have updated to GP5 by now. )
Cyclone battle theme.gp5
Cyclone battle theme.gp4
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