Would this - http://www.zzounds.com/item--MAC402VLZ3 - be any good for recording direct into a computer? I am getting sick of having loads of cables everywhere when I want to record. At the moment I have to use my digitech pedal set on bypass to make the signal louder and then plug it into the line in input on a computer.

If anyone on here has used that mixer, does it work well? and would it work being plugged straight into the line in input?
Technically you can record with a stock sound card and a small mixer but it's HIGHLY suggested you buy an audio interface as it solves many more problems and actually lowers the amount of cables you have to deal with.

Go out and get something like a PreSonus FireBox, (runs around $200 new) and simply connect that to a firewire port on your computer. After that it's as easy as plugging in a mic or instrument and setting up the computer to see the interface.

Mackie mixers are nice but they are more for live use with PAs and not for recording. They offer very little gain when it comes to recording. The most that will come out of it will probably be problems...
Well you can always get a firewire card for cheap if it's a desktop.
and yes a used FireBox would be fine. I buy used gear all the time.

Firewire card I suggest:

However you could also go with a new USB 2.0 interface such as the EMU 0202 or EMU 0404. the quality wont be as high as the PreSonus however these two units are both good for small setups.
Yes correct, mixers mix down which is great for PAs and live setups...but it's not what you want in a studio to record with unless the mixer is large, you have lots of analog gear, and the mixer has lots of sub outs. In the end you are still working with an interface...
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Ok dudes. But what cheapish usb interface would you say is the best for recording guitars and bass?

you can do somethign el cheapo like

+ to this is you get phantom power,

cant say ive triend it but it seems decent enough for a cheap price.
glad to see you getting an interface