I'm going to the US next month probably and i was thinking of buying gear there since it's cheaper and stuff. I play mostly metal. What would be a good guitar for around US$550?
Probably gonna get a HT-5 while i'm there too so amp is covered. So far I've considered the PRS SE CUSTOM 24, but thats about it.
Esp's kinda out of my budget and i don't really like the neck of the schecter. Will check out the S series though. More specific suggestions though?
What are your plans for customs etc? No, best not tell us but watch out.
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I have family staying there. Most probably gonna ship it to me i guess. I don't really know yet.
Suggestions anyone?
Any of the redline series guitars.
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Hmm yeah. There's alot of positive reviews on the S470 and how good the ZR bridge is. ^Redline series?