Is nintendocore metal or hardcore?

like, ghengis tron and powerglove.

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Considering it has a -core suffix, I'm gonna say hardcore. Not that I've heard either band, but I don't particlarly want to, considering the bullshit genre they're grouped under.
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Ghengis Tron are definitely Hardcore. Powerglove I'm not so sure about. I'd put them in metal, but I'm not too sure.
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there's a band that uses old nintendo sounds in their music.
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is dragonforce nintendocore??
Schecter flying tiger, Boss ME-20, zakk wylde micro stack

Currently listening to: Bonded by blood (vengeance), Municipal Waste (shredded offering), Gama Bomb (last ninjas unite)
Powerglove are power metal.

Stop with stupid bull**** genres please.
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Stuff like Horse the Band, 100deadrabbits, IAMERROR, Insert Disk, and Sky Eats Airplane are some pretty good ones.

Also, from Wiki:
Nintendocore (also known as NEScore) is a subgenre of music inspired by metalcore music
So I guess it's more hardcore than metal.
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If there was ever a band to ever be called Nintendocore, it's HORSE the Band.

But that doesn't mean you should call them that. Nintendocore is not a genre. Please, don't let this go any farther.

also of note is that they don't really do the 8bit-ey sound anymore
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is dragonforce nintendocore??


DragonForce are considered Power Metal, they have 80s video game influenced, but nintendo wasn't alone in the 80s.

They have maybe nintendo sound in maybe 2-5 seconds in two songs, that doesn't mean they're nintendo core at all.

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Nintendocore is just used to describe any band using that type of keyboard sound, they can be metal or not since its not specific.
Powerglove are just instrumental power metal, based on well known themes from video games.

I wouldnt mind the term nintendocore, if infact the bands used nintendo's to make music, or even, to a much lesser degree, sang about them.
Is making songs with Mario Paint Composer considered Nintendocore, then?

In that case, I am a Nintendocore composer


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Genghis Tron is not "nintendocore". Nintendocore is that stupid **** all the myspace-kids do with their pirated versions of FL Studio and inhaled screams.
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Metal is a sub-genre of metalcore since metalcore is more popular therefore better.
Just for the record, some artists do use Game Boy chips with patches to make music. I believe this is normally techno or shoegaze (Is that the right genre?), like the Depreciation Guild. However, there are no Nintendo themes in their music. They're just using the sound chips from the Game Boy.

And yeah, Lappo's right. HORSE the Band is moving away from video game references and into just using the synth, even. There's only one video game related sample out of the entirety of the new album, and I'm not sure that there even a single one on A Natural Death.
Sabrepulse is incredible. I'm quite the chiptune fan personally, though so-called "Nitendocore" does nothing for me.