Poll: how much does your guitar was damaged in the past year?
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View poll results: how much does your guitar was damaged in the past year?
none, tip-top shape.
18 42%
few rusted screws.
4 9%
damaged paint.
19 44%
2-3 wood chips flew off.
2 5%
1 year? that's a long life-span for a guitar...
0 0%
Voters: 43.
I've been wondering how well people preserve their guitars.
chose the flaws/damages that appeared on your guitar or equivalent damage over the past 1 year.
I own an sg-400 and it haven't been damages physically at all, only few rusted bolt but not much for a whole year.
btw, is it possible to maintain the plastic cover(without scratches)?
my guitar has quite a lot of shallow scratches...i could almost swear that the plastic is so delicate that the wind scratches it.my pickups cover are quite scratches too.
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Epi Firebird Studio:

Don't look after it as much as I should, there's a lot of marks on the headstock where it's met the ceiling a few times (from when I take it off my wall hangars, the headstock is ridiculously big). The pickup selector is also damaged as is the input jack; one of the washers went walkies.

Gibson SG Diablo:

I kept it in a case when i wasn't playing it for the first few months, but now I've started to hang it up I've noticed a bit more wear. The gold plating has started to come off round the bridge and I've noticed a very small ding in the body. Ah well, it's what makes it mine!

Seagull 25th Anniversary:

Not a ding or scratch since purchase at the start of the year, and I play it everyday.

In terms of maintenance I tend to take care of my Diablo more than anything. After I play it I rub it down with an old rag and put fast fret on the strings. Most of the time I save the big cleanups until I'm restringing my guitars.
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All of mine are pretty much mint condition.
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my jackson dinky: no real damage to it.. a few scratches on the back from my belt, and the regular marks from picking/ my arm

squier strat: I intentionally put a thin finish on it, so it has lots of chips, dents, and worn down parts. just like, an accellerated vintage, sort of. everything's inperfect working order, it's just cosmetic

breedlove aoustic: the endpin jack I put in is a little loose, but I'll tighten it when I change the strings.. other than that, theres a little wear from my picking hand/ arm.

La patrie classical: I bought it with a dent in it, but I've taken care of it, and theres no chips or anythin other than that. again, the finish in a few spots is a bit different from my hand..

so pretty much.. everything works perfectly, and I maintain my instruments well, the only wear is cosmetic
Few paint scratches, like james4 from my belt and other little scratchies on the back, nothing serious have it 1,5 year now.
I voted damaged paint, but it's really slight cracks in the binding, I think. It's bigger than I'm used to, so it's met a wall once or twice. Washburn WSJ125 acoustic.
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My Squire Strat is pretty mashed anyway, so I wouldn't know what damage is new to be honest.

My SG has a few paint chips on the back from belt buckle or wallet chain or whatever. Noting on the front, sides or neck at all.

My Aria is spotless.
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My G-310 is in awful, awful shape, but my Artcore is in great shape, with the exception of a small ding on the headstock and a few belt buckle scratches on the back.
My Strat is in a pretty decent condition, no dings or whatever and I've had it just over a year; my LP is in sort of good condition, but it has a lot of dings, and I've had it coming up to three years soon. My acoustic is covered in beer and has a lot of dings and crap like that from parties. And I've had it like 6 months.
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My Viper-50 has a few rusted areas (screws...nothing major) and the brushed gold on my Schecters saddle is coming off from just my hand brushing it. All these things can be fixed easily. No body damages to either.
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