The Sunshine Kissed My Cheek

They're pounding on the walls
The hall begins to shake
The shrill, relentless screams
That I just cannot take

For hours it has gone on
Their tyranny persists
I'm trying to stay calm
But my state of mind will shift

From soaring oh so high
The sunshine kissed my cheek
Majestic and so free
Over highest mountain's peak

But they have burnt my wings
And swiftly now I fall
I do not brace for impact
I'm used to it, after all

Now I'm locked inside
Wishing them away
But I have no other choice
Inside the hall I stay

They've broken through
They broke me down
They've breached the gate

Now I kiss the ground
Lower than the ocean floor
Battered, broken, scarred
Happiness; no more

A comforting cold creeps over me
I've felt this cold before
But there's a light, that's shining bright
A light that I adore

I follow with blind obedience
I do not question why
I've reached the light, with all my might
Again I'm in the sky

From lying oh so low
The darkness hid my tears
Scared and all alone
Surrounded by my fears

Now I'm free to fly
Gliding carelessly
Until they come again
But I'll never be ready
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