Long story short.. we are a full local band that can not find a singer that we feel works with our music. We play music that others call progressive drawing from many different influences. I guess it would be progressive metalish??

Our drummer owns and operates his own recording studio using Pro Tools and tons of crazy rack equipment that I do not understand.. rofl. My name is Vinny. I play guitar. We have written original tunes while we have been on the hunt for our singer and were thinking of not recording until we found one. Well.. when you practice every week in a studio environment... it tends to get the best of you. So, we have decided to start tracking our music and just continue to look for a singer as we do so. I have my doubts that we will ever find one locally and we really have some amazing material that we would love to finish.

That is why I am here. We are looking for someone.. just one person.. with a great range. Think someone like Daniel Gildenlow from Pain Of Salvation. Someone who has incredible emotion that they can pour out while they sing.. thats all we really care about. We are more partial to people who can sing those high notes.. but it would be nice to have that occasional growl. Anyways, we have music.. I'm just not to keen about posting it all over the place until I talk to whoever may be interested. Other singers we like are James Lebrie(Dream Theater), Sebastion Bach (Skid Row), Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Russel Allen (Symphony X) and so on. I guess you can see why it is so hard for us to find someone to work with.. rofl. Anyways, I would love to hear what is out there. LATERS!!!
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i advice do what our band did, and just have one of you guys take up the vocals you will be surprise of how well it can work, obviously if you do this and then a singer comes along take him, but instead of waiting around give it a shot

o and btw Tl;Dr basically because there was no paragraphing
It will just be weird to stand there looking for a singer on your live shows.

So try to look for a singer, i mean, try harder!
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