Got the amp and pedals a few days ago but hadn't had time to take pics + upload because I was too busy playing this beast! The cleans on this are real rich and sweet and the overdrive is pretty awesome too but I use my pedal through that so I don't really use it much.

No prizes to the person who guesses the amp first

P.S. sorry for some shaky imagery, I can't keep the cam still lol

happy NGD!
it looks sweet, have a fulfilling life with it
Hnad Hnpd!
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yeah man, I chose it over the HT-5S in the head, this thing has got better cleans, can handle pedals better and can go MUCH louder. Eventually I got it cheaper than the HT5 for only £388!
Happy NAD and NPD! How is that valve distortion? Which sounds can you get from it? I am thinking about getting one, to boost my HT-5 into high-gain sounds for a nice metal tone. Do you think it is capable of that? What do you use it for?
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Ok, I will get some demo's recorded soon but the distortion is great, I was stuck between it and the tube od (i am a hardwire whore) but I mainly use it for gainy punk and some times metal however I didn't want to go overboard however this pedal can, you can get MEGA BROOTALZ by boosting the gain up and putting it on to saturated bu you can also get bluesy tones by taking down the gain and putting it on the crunch setting and boosting the lows.
Happy new gear day!
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Great fuking amp! Hope you like beautiful cleans, nice reverb and modern gain! lucky bastard.

Is the 25th anny a closed back design as well?
Playing on some new gear....review to follow